Does the roof of your house have mildew and
  algae growing on it?  

  If you answered YES to this question, then it's  
  time to schedule a roof cleaning.  You will most
  likely see the worst of this growing on the  
  north side of the roof. However, when it
  rains the algae spreads across the roof,
  causing the algae to grow on the entire

  Enneking Pressure Cleaning, Inc., can kill
  and remove the algae from your roof.  We
  offer a cleaning process that can extend
  your shingle life and eliminate those ugly
  shadows.  We use safe cleaning solutions,
  that are unharmful to plants, animals and

  Our process of cleaning the roof, does not
  include power-washing the roof.  By this we
  mean, we will not be applying high
  pressure to your shingles in order to rid 
  the algae.  Instead we apply our safe  
  cleaning solutions to the roof and
  then lightly rinse with low water pressure to
  remove the residue.  The cleaning agents
  work to lift the dirt and algae from the roof
  allowing for a like new appearance.  You
  will see a night and day difference after we
​  have finished the cleaning.

Roof Cleaning


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