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Bridge Deck Overlay

Residential Cleaning - Masonry Cleaning- Dustless Blasting - Bridge Deck Overlay


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- Restores the bridge deck riding surface

- Lightweight and durable, does not add additional weight to bridge

- 100% waterproof, preserving the bridge and substructure

- Allows for better support of high traffic areas

- Provides surface that is resistant to chemicals, like fuel, de-icer and oil, 

  which can cause deterioration of the bridge deck.

- Products we use are bio-degradable and INDOT approved.


I-69 Section 5 Project - Surface Sealing

Bridge Deck Polymeric Overlays :

            INDOT, SR 37 Monrovia, IN
​            INDOT, SR 46 Columbus, IN
            INDOT, HWY 41 and I70 Terra Haute, IN
            INDOT, SR 156 Vevay, IN 

            Dearborn County Highway Bridges
            Decatur County Highway Bridges
            Franklin County Highway Bridges           
            Jackson County Highway Bridges
            Ripley County Highway Bridges


  Enneking Pressure Cleaning provides Bridge Deck overlay services, specializing in Polymeric Bridge    
  Deck Overlaying, which is typically done on new construction bridges or during the restoration  
  process.  This system allows for the bridges to sustain a longer life-hood.  With increased traffic ​and heavier
​  semi freight, this ​is a must.  

  The overlaying system consists of an application of an polymer epoxy that is spread evenly across  
  the bridge deck, this helps to seal, protect and extend the life of the deck; aggregate is then applied
  immediately to the deck.  

  This unique process saves lives, while cost-effectively extending the life of the bridge.  
  Our company is DBE certified as well as WBE certified.  We also specialize in surface sealing, focusing
  on restored or newly constructed bridges and their appurtenant structures.