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Decks have become a very popular way to add-on living space to a home. 
​As well as adding an atmosphere to entertain friends, have those fun grill-outs or just relax; whichever event you take place in, you want your deck to be a inviting one.  

In order to keep your deck looking great it is key to do 2 things:

1. Have your deck washed and cleaned thoroughly, in order to remove the dirt, mildew, grime and other substances that may be deeply embedded into the wood's grain.  You should only hire a trusted professional to clean your deck, due to it is very easy to damage the wood, if the deck isn't cleaned properly.  

You can trust that Enneking Pressure Cleaning, Inc., will thoroughly clean your deck with cleaners that will brighten your deck, but not harm your plants or landscaping in order to prep it for sealing.  

2. Treat your deck with a professional grade sealer/stain that is applied properly.  Enneking Pressure Cleaning, Inc., uses premium sealers/stains and efficient equipment to get your deck sealed/stained correctly. We offer many different sealers and stains to choose from.  

By completing the following steps and adding a few tricks along the way, you can be assured you will have a deck that will have a like - new appearance, and be ready for that grill out!

Enneking Pressure Cleaning, Inc., specializes in cleaning and sealing wood and composite decks.  We offer 7 different types of semi - transparent stains, as you can see below from 
Ready Seal.  Clear is also included in this category. 
We also use solid stains from Deckscapes, where you can choose from 48 different colors.   This gives the deck more of a painted look and offers maximum durability, it does minimize the appearance of the wood grain, but is a great product to use for any deck, including composite decks.

For solid color choices, please call us and we can send you a brochure with all the available colors.  

This diagram represents the semi-transparent stains we offer.

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