The Banks Project - Cincinnati, OH
Major Hospital - Shelbyville, IN
Eli- Lily - Indianapolis, IN
Paul Brown Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

Butler University - Indianapolis, IN

Miami University - Oxford, OH

Ironworks - Indianapolis, IN

Hilton Inn Hotels

Cincinnati Bell - Cincinnati, OH

Kroger Marketplace - Indianapolis, IN

Masonry Cleaning

7639 North County Rd. 200 East Osgood, IN * 812-569-5198 * 812-932-1467

Residential Cleaning - Masonry Cleaning- Dustless Blasting - Bridge Deck Overlay

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Enneking Pressure Cleaning, is known to provide top notch cleaning for brick, block, wood and premier stone for masons throughout our surrounding area. Whether it be a restoration job or the exterior cleaning of a newly built commercial building, we have the equipment, employees and drive to complete the project.

We have completed many projects throughout Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky and work with many well - known mason companies.  

When we complete the job you will be satisfied; we show up on time, complete the work in a timely fashion and work well with other subcontractors on the job.  A main priority on these job sites is, Safety and we strive to make sure we fulfill this requirement.  We are OSHA certified and stay up- to- date on all safety training requirements.