Dustless Blasting

  What is Dustless Blasting?
  Good Question.  The name answers itself.  Dustless Blasting mixes water and an abrasive to remove coatings from   cars, decks, grain bins, mortar stains and almost anything you can think of without the cloud of dust left behind  
  like sandblasting does. It allows you to clean off the rust, paint and any other debris in order to start new again.  

  What can you clean with the Dustless Blaster?
  The question really is .. "What can't you clean with this machine"? The list can go on, but we will highlight a few.

      -   Automotive Stripping                                        - Brick Cleaning
      -   Bridge Decks/ Rebar
      -   Commercial Equipment                                     - Stone and Block Cleaning
      -   Fleet Vehicles Cleaning & Stripping                    - Farm Equipment   
      -   Graffiti Removal                                               - Wood Restoration (cedar homes, decks, log cabins) 

  Will this cleaning process cause warping like sandblasting does?
  No...Warping typically occurs when you are heating up the metal due to friction from using the dry sand. 
  This process does not cause that due to the friction and the heat are reduced by the water that is used.  

  Where does the abrasive fall after the cleaning process?
  The abrasive will settle on the ground close to where you are cleaning.  Clean up is minimal due to the  
  particles being so tiny, however if this is of concern, we will take appropriate steps to ensure you are satisfied.

  What are the benefits of Dustless Blasting?

  Faster  ­             The Blaster can strip a car in less than 2 hours. 

  Minimal Dust  ­   The abrasives used get trapped in water which eliminates dust.

  Eco - Friendly    The abrasives used are environmentally friendly.  They are not harsh to landscaping or
                          those working around you.  

  Mobile Unit        This allows us to pull in and out of a job in no time. We come to you.

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